About us

„STANDARD”, „STANCHEM”, „STANLAB”, „JARMAG” are companies active in fields of non-ferrous metals, chemicals raw materials, fibers and textiles since many years.

            The beginning of our business activity dates back to 1990, when our parent company „STANDARD” was established, which Since many years successfully offers for Polish and foreign markets very wide range of chemical raw materials having application in many branches of industry

            As a result dynamic growth in 1997 from structure of company STANDARD there was spun off company STANCHEM who took up service of widely understood metallurgical sector and export of raw materials from the assortment of whole group.

            Subsequent companies are: “STANLAB” founded in 2000 and “JARMAG” established in 2002.

            Nowadays, the companies employ over 400 high qualified specialists in the field of commerce, marketing and especially chemistry and metallurgy. The annual sales volume of the group is approximately 400 mln €.

We conduct sales to over 30 countries, mainly in European Union. What is more, we export broad range of products to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Our activity includes also import of raw materials from renowned and reliable manufacturers almost from all over the world.

            Full range of raw materials which we are dealing with found application in numerous industries: metallurgical, foundry, welding, abrasive, friction, refractory, galvanizing, rubber, construction, paints  & lacquers, petrochemical, pyrotechnic, plastics, ceramic, glass, fertilizers, feed,  cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and others.

            Technical facilities of our companies is organized in a way that allows efficient marketing of the goods with foreign (import - export) and domestic market. We have a large office and warehouse space (more than 30 000 square meters over an area of 14 ha) that meet European standards, its own laboratory, bonded warehouses and railway sidings.

            Most of products from our assortment we offer from our inventory, which means short delivery terms and guaranteed quality.

            Having in mind needs of our Customers we are heading to gain their continued confidence and providing them high quality goods in order to become to existing and potential customers a reliable partner.

            The proof of the highest quality of service is obtained by our company in December 2002 Quality Certificate ISO 9001.



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